An Update on our Family and Ministry

October 3, 2017

Hey everyone! I want to let you know that I haven’t forgotten about you over here and I hope you haven’t forgotten about this blog.

My desire is still to encourage you in the Word here and my prayer is that you always seek the Lord and His guidance.

We all know how distracting social media can be. The comparison can steal our joy/passion if we are not careful.

My friend and I talked on how the Bible says we must guard our hearts! “It is the wellspring of life!”

My friend reminded me that these passed couple of months have been an effort to guard my heart. My family and I have been facing some serious spiritual battles this way and I needed some extra me and Jesus time so I took a total break from social media.

The battle is strong, but we have to fight! I know Who holds the victory and I praise God, through Jesus we can overcome sin and death!

Also, we have had much heartache within our family. Through it all, God has been doing some great things this way and I cannot wait to share.

In August my uncle passed away and my grandpa hasn’t been in good health. My husband and I are not far from 30 years old and we are starting to truly see just how precious our family is to us. Every one of our grandparents has had some type of physical ail that has brought us to our knees this year. We know many that do not know the Lord and it breaks our hearts.

I praise the Lord we can come to Him. He is our Healer and Strength!

The same day we mourned with a family in our church over the loss of their son-in-law and children in our youth, their Father, we found out we are having a baby girl. Oh God, you give and take away. Our hearts are filled with joy for another blessing in our lives and our hearts are heavy for those who have lost loved ones.

Please be in prayer for our families and this family in our church.

Where there is sorrow there is also joy. We finished recording our first EP this past week, as husband and wife! I cannot wait for this cd to come out. My husband, with the help of some amazing friends, has wrote some beautiful worship songs.

Our desire is to help support our missionary friend, Jimmy Mercado in the Philippines so he will in time, have enough money to purchase the land he needs to build a church there.

Please pray for him in this endeavor. I will be sharing more regarding his ministry and how you can purchase a cd before long so keep a look out!

Another update, our house will be on the market the end of this month. So we need your prayers there as well, that God would show us the next step. He always provides and we know He will show us the way.

God showed us some chains we needed to let go of to draw closer to Him. We have said “God, where ever you call us, we’ll go!”

Points of prayer: we have family in desperate need of our Savior, heartbroken, and dealing with physical illness, we are parenting two young boys while I’m expecting a girl, working on/selling our home, and recorded a cd.

Our hearts are ablaze right now because we see His hand at work through all of this!

Thank you to all those who continue to encourage, pray and support us in service to our King. It truly does take a village!

Please post in the comments how we can pray for you!

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