Why do we pray: how the Lord is changing my heart as a Mom. 💕

Guys, it’s been awhile! We had another baby!
Our littlest man is 19 months old. Hard to believe.

Today he was so happy to climb into his brothers empty booster seat while we sat in the parking lot heading to go Christmas shopping.

The past month he went through a very fussy phase. Screaming when I walked away and Screaming for everything! I understand our children go through “storms” in stages of development so I wracked my brain and observed him… 

 Molars? Sick? Tummy trouble? Ear ache? Growth spurt? Ya know, what we Mama’s do to take care of our babies needs. ☺️ 

I’d pray. “God please help Judah feel better.” Carry him on my hip and go about my day. 

Until one day last week God stirred in my heart for a change. He reminded me of when I was pregnant with Landon and I dug deep into His word for guidance in his development as he grew. I prayed for every part of him! 

Even after his birth, each time I bathed Landon I prayed for him from head to toe.

This practice was something I did with every one of our four babies. 

But somewhere along the way I lost depth. 

I had forgotten in my effort to be a “the Mom God has called me to be,” the reality that Gods got them! He is with my babies! 

I know He is in charge and He is holding us each and every day. 

But ya know how we all get kind of in “autopilot” or “survival” mode. Like, “I’m gonna do this Mommin’ thing so dang well! I’m gonna read my Bible, pray, change all them diapers and kick the devil out the door!”

We can do “all the things.” And “clean all the things.” 🙄

Buuuuuut WHAT ABOUT depth?!! 

Depth in prayer!!! PRAYER CHANGES THINGS! 

We pray because it takes our focus off of us and shift our eyes on JESUS! Our CREATOR. 

The other day when I spent much time in prayer over Judah’s body I was in awe of just how intricately God has made us and knows us. 

MAN, does HE LOVE US! 

The next day I woke up feeling like a new Mom. My soul was restored. Deeper and deeper I go and I’m loving this. 😭🙌🏼

God, thank you! 

I pray because GOD IS REAL! He loves me and HE IS IN CONTROL! 

My little Judah-man, he’s doing well.🙌🏼🙌🏼💕

My kids and I have grown so much closer in this past week and I feel like I’m in Mama heaven! 😭💗💗 

…just being so real with y’all. 

No I’m not perfect. My circumstances haven’t changed around me. But my heart sure has and in turn my thoughts have changed and my actions. Now everything looks and feels so different. 

Ya know.. the joy. The peace. The comfort. The freedom. IT’S SO SO COOL! 😭

I’ve experienced this many times in my walk and every time it’s indescribable. 

God is just amazing. If you don’t know Him please message me, I’d love to talk to you about how He saved my life. 

If you do know Him then PRAY. Pray like never before. Look in the details. Big or small, HE cares about it all! 💗

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