Perfection doesn’t lead us to Jesus, Grace doe.

My son will be two this month and boy is he going through the sleep regression stage. 😬
This morning after I tried to get up early for the third time. As in,
I tried at 5am, 5:30, 6am
and then finally just gave up… Opened my phone to my devotion because I knew it would be a tough morning.
I got up *with him at 6:30 🤦🏻‍♀️

So you can guess, he was fussy and woke his sister then she too was fussy.
He usually sleeps until 8:30-9😬

“Mommy, no.”
“Mommy, hold me.”
“Mommy, Paw Patrol.”
“Mommy, milk!”

My older boys were getting ready for school. It was “wear as many colors as you can” for school today. (Dr. Seuss week)

I laid their clothes out but my oldest said he didn’t want to wear all of that because they’ll make fun of him. 🤦🏻‍♀️ I explained the situation. Lol He agreed. 😅

You get the picture.
Hitting the ground running isn’t a good idea usually but most of us do it and it leads to spirally toxic thoughts about our worth.

I was trying to respect my husband working downstairs and get them to get off their booties to get out the door. 😅
After much effort… yes, I did yell at them to hurry up and get ready. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ ugh.
Long story short, my husband came upstairs upset (he was up most of the night studying and had already been up since 5).
When he got upset and I felt like it was just a reminder once again of just how much “I fail.”

But you know what?
As I drove down the road and I heard the Holy Spirit gently remind me, “Tell them about grace.”

I explained to my kids. “I’m sorry. We all mess up. No one is perfect. The way Mommy acted was so wrong. Can you please forgive me?” My oldest said, “Yes. I love you Mommy.

God forgives you. You can read your Bible to help you.”

Shew… I just cried.



It’s not that we won’t mess up.
The truth is, we have a God that is SO MUCH GREATER than ALL of our mistakes.

I want my kids to see Who I run to when I mess up. Not a perfect Mom! There’s no way I can be perfect. I’m human!

Dearly beloved, ACCEPT His grace.
Hold fast to the HOPE of Jesus.
Remember it’s HIS strength not our own.
Walk in faith KNOWING that mornings like these are tests.
Will we give into guilt and the toxic thoughts that the enemy will throw at us?
Will we keep on acting out of anger or defeat?
Or will we lean into the POWER of Jesus that defeated sin and death. The same power in us as believers.

I do fail and I’m so weak.


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