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You are More!

Your worth is NOT found in a clean house dear Mama!
Your worth isn’t found in getting a shower today!
Your worth isn’t found in what THEY think of you.
And your worth sure as the world isn’t found in what size jeans you wear! Welcome to freedom! It’s leggings season! 😉😁

Your worth is found in JESUS!
He says your are fearfully and wonderfully made.
He says you DO matter.

You are beautiful!

Open the Word today. Turn on the praise music. Pray and cry out to Him today.

Spend MORE time in the word than you do on your home and watch JOY fill your soul today! 💗

Walk in this truth, you are loved no matter how much you accomplish today.


Molly is a daughter of the King, a wife to a loving hard working song-writer/worship leader. Together God has blessed them with four children; ages six and under. She finds joy in the Lord as she worships alongside her husband and children. Playing piano, being outdoors, baking, and creating new things are hobbies she loves. She shares health and wellness through the light and freedom God showed her as He rescued her out of Postpartum Depression in the Summer of 2019. She is the daughter to two hard-working parents, and the oldest of seven children. She's blessed daily by the most loving church family; they encourage her and lift her up so she can fulfill God's calling for her life. With a deep passion for missions and a heart broken for those in need of a Savior, her goal through blogging is to share God’s love and the great commission, encourage women and share that God can break the chains of perfection in our lives. He makes us righteous. She doesn’t claim to have it all together, she longs to grow closer to the One who holds all the pieces.

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